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Bird of Autumn by CrystalXShine Bird of Autumn :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 8 Oblivion by CrystalXShine Oblivion :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 2 5 Snowy Day by CrystalXShine Snowy Day :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 2 Thornkit + Brightkit Chibis by CrystalXShine Thornkit + Brightkit Chibis :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 7 blue is a lonely color by CrystalXShine blue is a lonely color :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 2 Sapling by CrystalXShine Sapling :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 3
Falsely Accused
They say that your life flashes right before your eyes before you die.
But then, what happens if you absolutely, for sure, as a true fact, know you’re going to die? And worse yet, you’re just going to accept it and let it happen, knowing that you are unable to prevent it? 
But it was all over now. There was no more reason to fight, to stop the inevitable ending to her miserable story of a horrendous stroke of fate and betrayal.
It’s over. It keeps repeating itself in my head, winding and rewinding again and again, over and over. If this keeps up, I suddenly think morbidly, that will be my absolute last thought on this world. It feels as if ice-cold water is dumped on me as I shudder at that possibility. No, I resolve with all that I have left, I won’t end with that as my last thought.
I keep moving, taking one step and another right after that. My legs are too heavy, and there’s a p
:iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 0 5
A Lifetime
A lifetime ago
I smiled and laughed and played
the perfect picture of life.
A lifetime later
I am cold and still and silent
the perfect picture of death.
:iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 0 0
Crying to the Open Sky by CrystalXShine Crying to the Open Sky :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 5 9 Kitties~ by CrystalXShine Kitties~ :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 2 0 Pokemon Berds by CrystalXShine Pokemon Berds :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 15 Snowfeather and Frostfang by CrystalXShine Snowfeather and Frostfang :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 0 Brightsnow by CrystalXShine Brightsnow :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 0 1 Thornfang by CrystalXShine Thornfang :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 3
You Are My Sunshine
“You Are My Sunshine” lyrics video:

I could sure use some help right now...
Snowpaw would admit- she wasn’t the most skilled of cats, and she certainly wasn’t the most senior apprentice, either. Far from it, actually, considering she had gone through her apprentice ceremony and received her apprentice name and mentor just a few sunrises ago. But even she had to admit that her current predicament was both avoidable and entirely her fault.
Why, she thought, did my stupid mentor ever say that having an ‘unsupervised hunting assesment’ was a good idea!?
You see, she was in a...really, really, really terrible predicament.
She was currently entangled in a thorny bramble bush. Now normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but that squirrel just had to run directly under the bush, and Snowpaw just had
:iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 9
Nengajo by CrystalXShine Nengajo :iconcrystalxshine:CrystalXShine 1 3


Magician's Valkyria by crystalmirage156 Magician's Valkyria :iconcrystalmirage156:crystalmirage156 8 22
The thing about getting known is that people say funny things to you. Most of it is bullshit. Some of it is true, and some of it is downward inconsiderate. Some of it does make me think, though.
One of those things said to me, a while ago, was that I wasn't so much of an artist.
That, despite the fact that I was decently known on the internet nowadays, I didn't make actual great art.
(The actual comment phrased it somewhere along the lines of "famous as hell, but still draws like a college art student")
And you know what I thought? This guy actually did have a solid point. The way he worded it down was just... not so clever. 
Throughout my life I've seen people with great skills in everything. I've learned soon enough that people typically see themselves as either a left-brain or a right-brain thinker, meaning so much that their either go with logic or intuition, and are often either good with numbers or social skills/art (that come with that). While many of these tests whe
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 458 461
No rest for a weary heart.
Yesterday my mother asked me what I
would name my children and I told her that
I did not want any. She scoffed at me
and shook her head, insisting
that once I found the
"perfect man"
all of that would change.
And I thought back
to all the times when my palms
sweated and my throat ran dry
and my cheeks heated up just because
a girl walked by whose lips
were so pretty and pink that all I wanted
to do was taste them.
I replied, swallowing the acid
that was threatening to crawl out of
my mouth,
"it will take a lot more than that
to convince me."
Because despite the fact that
the mere thought of a man
with arms that could carry the weight of the
world holding me tight could
make my legs crumble beneath me,
I just don't know if it
would be the right choice.
I remember once
when I let it slip that I supported
those who loved all genders
my parents stared at me as if I
had admitted to murder. "It's wrong,"
my father had exclaimed and to me,
his words were a toxin more deadly
than arsenic
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 685 609
____ likes to eat...... ? by Beckx ____ likes to eat...... ? :iconbeckx:Beckx 1,108 109 Titans Together part 6 by Tragic-Ballerina Titans Together part 6 :icontragic-ballerina:Tragic-Ballerina 720 190 Batfinger by MayhWolf Batfinger :iconmayhwolf:MayhWolf 498 45
Big Brother
I slam my bedroom door hard behind me as I storm through the manor towards the batcave. For the first time in my life, i was actually getting some damn sleep when Father called through some hidden device in my room. He'd said to come down to the Batcave immediately, without any question. He didn't say it was a mission. He didn't say it was urgent. Just to get down there.
Even though these people are my family, they irritate me to no end. Father is commanding, Alfred is too non-chalant, and Grayson-where do I even start with Grayson? He's too easy-going, joking, laid-back, irresponsible, bossy-the list could go on and on. If it wasn't for being loyal to my father's way, I probably would have killed him by now.
I've gone soft.
I flip the hidden switch and wait for the entrance to be revealed to me, then storm down the stairs, scowling as my family comes into sight.
"What do you want now?" I start. "I was actually trying to-"
I stop dead in my tracks and
:iconsamuraikat:SamuraiKat 144 64
Pkachu And The Moon by TakeoTheSavage Pkachu And The Moon :icontakeothesavage:TakeoTheSavage 4 0
If I Could Send Post-It Notes Back in Time
No matter how many times the world
says to “be yourself”
it will never accept you
when you are.
You’re on your own. Always.
Admit to yourself that you lie.
You don’t have to make it
a point of conversation with others
because most will not understand
nor love you regardless,
even though they do it too,
but admitting it to yourself
opens the door for growth and that
is very important.
There will be a boy who you find
sitting next to you in a library one day
and he’ll eventually ask you to do something.
Say no.
The road to hell may be paved with good intentions
but remember
it’s better to do the wrong thing
than to do the right thing with your heart
not in the right place.
Learn to laugh more.
Life is much more bearable.
Don’t blame society for all your problems.
Don’t blame yourself for all your problems.
Don’t apologize for everything.
This is neither attractive nor healthy;
it makes you
:icontheemptychest:TheEmptyChest 141 81
batman by soft-h batman :iconsoft-h:soft-h 1,193 37 Silly Slade by Blaze-Elemental Silly Slade :iconblaze-elemental:Blaze-Elemental 712 156 Just a little careless by Asam-Sitrat Just a little careless :iconasam-sitrat:Asam-Sitrat 132 5 Blizzard by rajewel Blizzard :iconrajewel:rajewel 4,162 186
Six Words for the Suffering
Pain ends, but you must not.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,357 395


Okay, I lied. 

Since I don't exactly know how or where to begin writing "Oathkeeper", I haven't written anything for fun in a long time. 

So, worried that my writing skills would die without practice, I searched up some writing prompts online and attempted to fulfill them to the best of my ability.

Needless to say, I am very sarcastic and curse a lot when I talk to myself, and since this was very, VERY casual writing...

Now consider yourself warned. Don't worry; it's not like I curse for the fun of it (actually, maybe I do...^^; ), and it's not like I inserted a curse word in every freaking sentence. That'd just be overkill. XD

Buuut, I would appreciate it if you would go on over and follow the above link. And read them. And post feedback below. Thanksies~ :happybounce:

PS: I didn't upload these as deviations because they aren't exactly stuff I worked my hardest on and such. And also, each prompt (2) are under 500 words, so they count as quick little reads. Just an FYI~ ;)
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Lori E.
United States
Just a middle schooler enjoying life.

Kind of. :3

I do Pokemon requests, but can't draw people.

I'll write more in this later.....:/

Aaand, STAMPS~! :D (Not that I own them, of course. ^^; Go support the creators!)

Birth By Sleep Stamp by SweetDuke

Bluestar Stamp by VampsStock Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Hollyleaf Stamp by VampsStock

VulpixStamp by ToxinStamps 308 - Medicham by Marlenesstamps CinccinoStamp by ToxinStamps Shiny Ponyta by Marlenesstamps AbsolStamp by ToxinStamps

330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps EspeonStamp by ToxinStamps 395 - Empoleon by Marlenesstamps LucarioStamp by ToxinStamps 562 - Yamask by Marlenesstamps


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